BOATERS: You Can Help Seabirds Thrive

Know Before You Go

Seabirds are sensitive to your presence on the water. Approaching too close to seabird colonies causes birds to fly off, abandoning their nests. That can lead to the loss of eggs and death of chicks, and eventual decreases in populations. Seabirds are best enjoyed from afar.

Help protect seabirds by following these tips:

  • Paddle, sail or motor around flocks of birds not through them.
  • Do not feed wildlife or attract birds by throwing bait or fish scraps overboard.
  • Recycle or dispose of plastics, fishing hooks and line in the trash — not in the water.
  • Never dump oil, fuel, or other foreign substances into the water or drains.
  • Stay 1,000 feet (3 football fields) from cliffs, offshore rocks and islands.
  • Watch the birds for signs you are too close (head-bobbing or wing-fluttering). If you see these reactions move away.
  • Never discard fishing line overboard, cover bait, and use barbless hooks or artificial lures to avoid hooking birds.
  • For more clean boating information visit California’s Boating Clean & Green Program

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