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California is home to a diverse population of amazing seabirds. The Seabird Protection Network helps seabirds thrive by sharing tips with coastal and ocean users on how to protect seabirds. Stay seabird aware while you are boating, hiking, paddling or flying along the coast!

Seabirds gather in large groups on offshore rocks, cliffs and islands, to nest and raise their young. These large colonies are found all along the California coast. Find a colony near you! (6.05 MB PDF). Seabirds can react when people, boats or aircraft get too close to them. Too close means your presence may be interrupting their feeding or resting behaviors, or maybe interfering while they are caring for their chicks.

Did you know...

Disturbances to seabirds during breeding season can:
  • Scare birds off their nests
  • Dislodge eggs and chicks from nest sites
  • Allow predators access to eggs and chicks
  • Lead to deaths when eggs and chicks are exposed to heat and cold
  • Cause chicks to drown when they are forced to leave the nest too soon.

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