The Seabird Update

Seabird breeding wrapped up this year with some impressive numbers! Our favorite murre colony success story at Devil’s Slide in Pacifica topped off at 1,911 birds by land-based count – the highest number since restoration work helped bring this colony back from zero birds in 1995. On the Farallones it was a bumper year for Cassin’s Auklets which managed a very rare two-nest season, raising first one chick then attempting a second round of eggs.

But, recently there has been a large number of emaciated young Cassin’s Auklets washing up on beaches from British Columbia to the California Bight, so the extra effort may have been in vain. Although most seabirds are out to sea at the moment, many are now returning to nesting sites, so please give seabirds the space they need to feel safe, by keeping at least 1,000 feet between yourself, your boat, kayak or plane and any seabirds, or rocks with birds.

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